Posted by: tedgar110 | March 7, 2008

Church leaders walk the halls for Climate Justice

This week 10 senior religious leaders came to Washington DC in conjunction with the NCC’s Climate and Energy Program to learn about climate change and lend their voice to working for climate justice. Individuals from Arkansas, Tennessee, North Dakota, South Carolina, and 6 other states spent 2 days immersed in reflection, conversation and debate.

During their day on Capitol Hill religious leaders met with more than 40 Congressional offices calling for climate justice in the form of:

– mandatory and effective action on climate change that will prevent catastrophic impacts, protecting God’s people and all of God’s creation

– protection and assistance for those living in poverty in the United State as they deal with the impacts of climate change

– protection for those in developing countries, who are the least responsible for climate change but who are and will continue to suffer greatly from changes in their environment

These individuals are leaders in their communities, their states and their denominations and are returning to their congregations as individuals committed to working to protect God’s creation and the least of these from the impacts of climate change.

To learn more about the NCC’s Climate and Energy Campaign click here.


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