Posted by: jblevins | March 11, 2008

2008 Earth Day Resource Now Available!

Friends, every Earth Day we produce a resource to be used in worship and study at churches and communities of faith across the country, tying environmental issues into the worship experiences of people of faith. Below is more information on the 2008 Earth Day Resource


The Poverty of Global Climate Change

This Earth Day, the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs is marking Earth Day Sunday (the Sunday closest to Earth Day) by recognizing the interconnectedness of poverty and climate change and offering a resource for worship, adult study, and youth activities.

As people of faith, addressing climate change is justice issue. Water scarcity, drought, crop failure, increased disease, and flooding are just a few of the impacts those living in poverty around the world are and will feel from global climate change.

This resource will allow churches and communities of faith to engage these two interrelated issues through their worship, study, and reflection.

Although global climate change affects all human populations across the globe, it hits those living in poverty the hardest because they depend on the surrounding physical environment to supply their needs and have limited ability to cope to climate variability and extremes.

Copies are now available – to obtain a copy visit, or contact the Eco-Justice Program office at or 202-481-6943.


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