Posted by: Fritz | April 14, 2008

Climate Change and Hunger

In yesterday’s NY Times, Nicholas Kristof writes about the indirect and difficult to forsee consequences of climate change. He correctly points out that food insecurity is a cause of civil conflict and violence.

Indeed, perhaps the greatest threat to food security is climate change. As the earth warms, weather patterns become less predictable, droughts and flooding occur more often.

In the northern plains of the U.S. crop production will likely increase due to a longer growing season, but in the the southeast coastal regions crops are negatively affected.

In developing countries, the impact could be devastating. Recent studies show that crop losses for corn/maize in Southern Africa could be as much as 30% by 2030. Since much of the population in this region get their food from subsistence farming, work must start soon to help them make the necessary adaptations. We as a global community must help people in danger of food insecurity to prepare for the future by increasing their current yields and switching to more appropriate crops.

For more information head to the NCC Eco-Justice Climate site and this report from Stanford University.

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