Posted by: jblevins | April 22, 2008

It’s Earth Day

The ministry Season of Creation, in their online chapter titled, “A Theology of Deep Incarnation and Reconciliation” writes, “Christ is the crux of our theology and our worship. It is vital therefore that we are clear, as we celebrate a Season of Creation, how Christ is related to creation. Who is the Christ we worship? A spiritual being detached from Earth, residing in heaven and liberated from the burden of the material world? Or a living presence who is somehow revealed in, with and under the substances from which all creatures emerge?” (

This question rings true to me this Earth Day Week as well. This past Sunday, hundreds of churches celebrated Earth Day Sunday, and many used our resource The Poverty of Global Climate Change, which challenges us to consider our role in the reconciliation and renewal of the world – and the impact of our living on both those living in poverty and the entirety of Creation around us. Central to our attitude about that is our conception of Christ who inspires us. Romans 8:19 reminds us that Creation waits for the revealing of the children of God. Imagine, if it could be expressed, the enthusiasm with which Creation would greet us if we were to live in the glorious way that God intended. As the children of God, we are tasked with continuing the reconciliation that Jesus Christ began. This means living in harmony with the rest of Creation, both our brothers and sisters living in poverty, and the environment which surrounds us all. Check out for more ways to participate. And, check out the comic below for a bit of a lighter take on Earth Day, courtesy of Hagar the Horrible.


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