Posted by: jblevins | April 23, 2008

Episcopal Church Calls for Action on Climate Change

From John Johnson, Domestic Policy Analyst in the Episcopal Churches Office of Government Relations, and the Episcopal News Service:

Stressing that the urgency of climate change calls for action now, the Episcopal Church has voiced support for legislation from Senators Leibermann and Warner.  “Urgent action is needed by the United States in response to global warming, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said in a March 31 letter to the U.S. Senate, urging Congress’ upper house ‘to take up climate change legislation at the earliest possible moment.’

The full text of Jefferts Schori’s letter to the U.S. Senate is available here.

“The Presiding Bishop said she was encouraged by bi-partisan legislation, introduced by senators Joseph Lieberman and John Warner, that ‘successfully moved through the committee process with many improvements and now awaits Senate debate.’ Acknowledging support for Senate bill 2191, America’s Climate Security Act, which she called ‘a strong step forward in achieving carbon emission reductions,’ Jefferts Schori said the legislation ‘includes measures aimed at addressing the needs of the world’s most vulnerable: those, who for demographic reasons such as health or location are most susceptible to the effects of climate change, and those living in poverty at home and around the world.'”

To read more, click here.


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