Posted by: jblevins | April 29, 2008

Children, Poverty, and Climate Change

A recently released UNICEF UK report titled, Our Climate, Our Children, Our Responsibility: The Implications of Climate Change for the World’s Children recognizes the same reality that our two most recent resources have. Reading, “For the vast majority of people the impact of climate change means an increased risk of losing their homes and livelihoods, more disease, less security and sometimes death. Children in the world’s poorest communities are the most vulnerable. They are already seeing the impacts of climate change through malnutrition, disease, poverty, inequality and increasing risk of conflict – and ultimately an increase in child mortality rates”, the report puts into focus the reality that those bearing the least responsibility for the changing climate are those feeling the greatest impact.

It is for reasons like these that we scream that climate change is an issue of justice! It touches on our faith communities work on hunger, poverty, development, even peace. In the news lately there have also been reports of food shortages around the world, putting into reality some of the expected developments of global climate change. Recently, we have released two resources, one a worship and study resource, The Poverty of Global Climate Change, and the other a background paper titled, Climate and Church: How Global Climate Change Will Impact Core Church Ministries. These two resources further put into focus why the battle against climate change extends across the lines of all the justice ministries in our churches.

Protecting God’s Creation is an issue of being faithful stewards of the world given to us, but also a larger question of justice, and our responsibility to the least of these – especially children living in poverty. Click here for more information on how to get your church involved. Click here to read the UNICEF report.


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