Posted by: jblevins | May 15, 2008

ELCA Speaks Out on the Farm Bill

Mary Minette, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Washington Office, calls to our attention their action on the Farm Bill, and the current compromise that has been negotiated between the House of Representatives and the Senate. It has been an issue we have been involved in, working hard to get more conservation measures included (for more information, click here for our food and farming site). Members of Congress are to be applauded for keeping this language in the legislation, as the letter from the ELCA notes: “In addition, the conference agreement provides increased funds to farmland conservation programs that reward farmers for good stewardship of their land and help to protect our land and water.”

However, the ELCA, and many other persons of faith, have found the current compromise forces a choice that people of faith can’t make – a choice of justice, between persons living in poverty in this country and abroad. Their letter to Members of Congress reads, “However, at its core, this agreement presents a morally unjustifiable choice – pitting those most in need at home against those most in need throughout the world. As a Church, we reject this false choice. We call on Congress to reject this false choice as well. We urge Congress to pass a bill that limits subsidy payments made to the largest and wealthiest farms and truly helps farmers, rural communities, God’s creation and hungry people.” Click here to read the whole letter, and here for more on the work of the ELCA on the environment and issues of justice.


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