Posted by: tedgar110 | May 23, 2008

motivation from the methodists

This afternoon i had the pleasure of presenting to a group of United Methodist campus ministers on the issue of climate change and care for creation. Despite the fact that I was the after lunch presenter, they were quite awake and engaged for a full hour with questions, stories and comments that highlighted their interest and commitment.

And it is this commitement, passion and pure interest and gives me motivation for my own work and the future.

Despite the fact that these ministers have just completed a long school year and have a glorious spring and summer in front of them, they have dedicated themselves to their students and to the church. Each of these ministers is in DC for four days to spend in fellowhsip, discussion and prayer about the many justice issues that face us today.

I can only imaging what the school year is like for these ministers – long hours, students stressed with classes, exams and what comes after college – and through it all they stay calm and steadfast providing guidnace and support for dozens, sometimes hundreds of individuals. And yet they remain committed – committed with their time, their support and with their interest of all that is happening in the world and how they can inform their students and community.

To me this is an impressive feat.

And desite all the things already on their plates, I now feel like i have 40 campus ministers from arount the country who will support the church’s work for strong and just climate legislation while woroking to educate the next generation on the importance of social change and social justice.



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