Posted by: jblevins | June 6, 2008

The Challenge to Do More

One of the realities of the work that we do here at the Eco-Justice Programs of the National Council of Churches is that we work with numerous churches and people of faith who are immensely dedicated to the great work of protecting God’s Creation. These are people and places that are doing amazing things, and the work we do in our office would never be possible without all of them.

Sometimes, though, the challenge isn’t pushing churches not involved to join, but to push those churches and people already doing so much to do more. I have one of those cases coming up this Sunday. I am teaching Sunday School and preaching at the Manassas Church of the Brethren, where a group of lay leaders in the church has formed an environmental committee, called BUGS, begun work such as recycling, composting, a community garden, and perhaps most importantly, a junior BUGS program to pass on these values to the next generation. What can I possibly say to a church already doing so much?

The bottom line is that all of this work is a matter of faith. Faith that God has called us to change the world, and that through the power that God has filled us with, we can make that happen. We have to believe that with God working in us and through us, anything is possible. This is the push, the challenge of faith to take the next step, and do more today than you did yesterday, just to sleep and prepare to do more the next day. Click here to read the sermon I am going to give.


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