Posted by: tedgar110 | June 10, 2008

Whats so special about 48 (or 52)?

Last Friday, the Senate voted on the first comprehensive climate bill to come for a vote in more than 3 years. Despite hours of debate and various disagreements about how to effectively address climate change in an appropriate manner, the Senate voted 48-36 in favor of climate legislation.

In addition to the 48 senators who voted in favor of legislation and discussion regarding the moral issue of climate change, six Senators who were absent at the time of the vote expressed their support for climate change legislation and the urgent need to respond to this global problem. This vote and the support from Senators from around the country is a strong reflection of the growing support for climate legislation and, more importantly, a growing understanding around the country of the impacts of climate change on all of god’s creation.

With 52 in support of such legislation, we have come a long way from the days when it was a stretch just to get the support of 40 senators, much less a majority. This vote is a testament to the fact that climate change is becoming an important issue for not only our senators but our communities around the country and the world.

And whats even more important is this this was not a partisan vote. Nine Republican and two independent senators (there are only 2 in the Senate) voted in support of this legislation and a discussion around climate change. Again, this is a shift from where we have been in the past, highlighting that climate change is an issue we must all face as it knows now bounds, be it political affiliation, race, economic status, or faith.

Over the past few years, we, as the faith community, have worked hard to addres climate change. We have not  only educated ourselves regarding our moral call to work for stewardship and justice but we also “greened” our communiites and congregations and called on our elected officials to do the same.

Many of our elected officials have responded to the call for urgent and effective action but its not enough. We must continue working to bring everyone to the table and pass legislation that will ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


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