Posted by: jblevins | June 17, 2008

Of Fuel and Food

Leslie Woods, of the Washington Office of PC(USA), in the offices “Washington Report” this week, reflected on the struggle to balance energy needs and the global food crisis – a conversation it is important for all people of faith to have, as we remember the interconnected realities of the climate crisis and the global food crisis (for more, click these links for our 2008 Earth Day resource, focusing on this connection, and the recent “Climate and Church” report).

Leslie writes, “It strikes me that humans alone have outgrown or out-developed our ability to live in harmony with our natural surroundings. Rather than harvesting sources of energy sustainably, both food sources and other energy sources, at a rate that can be replaced by natural processes and the sun, we have outstripped the earth’s ability to keep up with our insatiable thirst for energy.” This is the reality of the world we live in, and one our climate and energy campaign strives to battle. However, it is not always so easy as just finding alternative sources for fuel. These needs must be balanced with the food needs of those living in the most impoverished situations around the globe. “There is no doubt that this economic boom is a boon of the biofuel industry that must be preserved as we move to make it more sustainable – but sustainability is the key for both sides of this equation. Using prime farm land to grow a food crop to put into gas tanks is not good for the food supply, food prices, the economy, or the environment.”

Click here to read the rest of Leslie’s article. Please comment below to be a part of this conversation – one the faith community is having, and must continue to have. It is one where the issues of the environment must truly walk hand in hand with the needs of the human race, and where the interconnectedness of God’s Creation around us couldn’t be more clear.



  1. Humans have very reason to blame themselves for all these crises.

    The Eco campaign is just not helping; what makes us think that by organising functions like the SOS can save the world – it’s actually wasting more resources and producing more contaminations.

    Humans are very contradictory in their actions – they normally don’t do what they preach!

    More quantity of food would be available if the governments do not place high tax on transportation and fuel; and if farmers do not restrict in certain crop growth for selfish marginal profits.

    Energy is not a problem if people are willing to save daily electricity intake; electronic products like computers and refrigerators – they are the ones consuming away our energy sources!

    More researches could be done if scientists do not actually bother that much of their salaries and governments bother to spend more on funding than in missile weapons.

    Humans fulfil their selfish desires and pleasures only at the expense of nature. Most claim to protect this earth but how many have started protecting their small neighbourhood’s environment…

    It seems humans do not really bother not when disasters truly befall on them. Remember this point: “Every species will have their extinction day, it’s only sooner or later”, take a good look at the dinosaurs – “the earth will not perish but those living on it probably will…”

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