Posted by: jblevins | June 19, 2008

Sierra Club Faith Partnerships

Lyndsay Moseley, the director of the Faith Partnerships program at the Sierra Club, let us know today about an exciting new publication they have just released. From the press release: “Highlighting one exceptional faith-based environmental initiative from each of the fifty states, the Sierra Club today released its first ever national faith appreciation report, “Faith in Action: Communities of Faith Bring Hope for the Planet.” The report illustrates the growing momentum of the creation care movement and recognizes local leaders.” Click here to download the report.

As people of faith, and in particular Christians, it is true we exist, as the classic hymn states, “to tell the old, old story”, and by sharing ways churches and people of faith are acting to protect God’s Creation is one of the best ways to tell that story. Click here to check out stories on our website of churches taking action. The Sierra Club notes, “Environmental concerns continue to rise in prominence on the agenda of the faithful, with no sign of receding. As the implications of global warming and its disproportionate impact on the world’s poor become increasingly clear, prophetic voices are being raised in religious communities around the globe. In the United States, 67 percent of Americans say they care about the environment because it is “God’s creation.”” Keep telling that story.



  1. I want to draw your attention to RENEWAL, the first feature-length documentary about America’s growing religious-environmental movement. I am one of the film’s two producers and we spent four years crossing the country to bring this untold story to the public. Recently completed, RENEWAL was shown on June 5th at United Nations Headquarters in NY, sponsored by UNEP’s Interfaith Partnership for the Environment. In coming months RENEWAL will be screened by a number of the faith groups who are identified in \ Sierra Club’s “Faith in Action” report. Several of these groups are also profiled in the film. RENEWAL is working with Sierra Club to support their current effort to honor these religious-environmental activists.

    In eight separate stories, RENEWAL captures the vitality and diversity of today’s religious-environmental movement. Each story is set in a different religious tradition, addressing a different environmental issue. People may have heard that Evangelicals are becoming connected with environmental concerns. What they probably don’t know is that other Christian denominations, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists in America, are all doing practical things, from within their deepest spiritual places, to make a difference in how we live on our planet. It’s a dramatic, positive inspiring action story and it’s the first time it’s been told on film. RENEWAL is already starting to be used successfully by diverse religious groups around the country to support their creation care efforts. This multi-faith inspiring social movement not only offers practical actions for the environment, but it also promises a reinvigoration of faith, through building a just and sustainable future. For more information about RENEWAL and how to become active in the religious-environmental movement, please visit:

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