Posted by: tedgar110 | June 20, 2008

Practicing what we preach

For those of you who are baseball fans or live in Washington DC you have heard of or been to the new baseball stadium for the Nationals. Not only is it supposed to be one of the most techonologically advanced stadiums in the country but it is also the first “green” stadium and has been certified as meeting LEED standards. However, despite the tremendous efforts that the owners put into building this gorgeous and sustainable building, they are receiving tremendous financial support from ExxonMobil who has purchased a large amount of ad space in the stadium. Exxon is undoubtedly one of the “least green” oil companies out there – they have few to no investments in renewable techonology, their CEO is questioning whether climate chagne is really happening and at a time when Americans are struggling at they pump, Exxon is running awway with record profits.

Surprising that the Nationals would allow such overhwelming advertiesments that represent such a different perspective on the need to be green and take care of creation.

In thinking about the Nationals and Exxon, i began to wonder about the ways in which we all contradict our beliefs at certain points as a result of the products we use, the lifestyles we live and choices we make. I am getting ready to head to the coast of North Carolina for the weekend and carpooling with 2 of my friends – but is that enough? What should i do differently to ensure that i am leaving the smallest footprint possible on God’s creation?

Though undoubtedly these are things many of us think about every day, the need to practice what we preach was a helpful reminder and i hope to be walking a bit more lightly (and consciously) in the future.



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