Posted by: jblevins | June 24, 2008

The Challenge to Be Better

Thomas Friedman, in the New York Times over the weekend, wrote an editorial that was rather brash in its critique of the call of President Bush and many others to open places like our coasts and ANWR in Alaska to drilling. Mr. Friedman wrote, “It’s as if our addict-in-chief is saying to us: “C’mon guys, you know you want a little more of the good stuff. One more hit, baby. Just one more toke on the ole oil pipe. I promise, next year, we’ll all go straight. I’ll even put a wind turbine on my presidential library. But for now, give me one more pop from that drill, please, baby. Just one more transfusion of that sweet offshore crude.””.

Mr. Friedman certainly makes his point. For too long, we have been addicted to oil and the energy it brings us, and it is destroying our world, God’s Creation, in its totality. What Mr. Friedman goes on to point out is that part of the solution is already in front of us! “People forget, wind and solar power are here, they work, they can go on your roof tomorrow.” This is certainly true – we now have the technology and the ability to change our ways. What we need changed now are our hearts. Mr. Friedman ends with this point – the need to drive less, conserve energy more. But it is a way of being that has to shift.

We need to stop seeing the world as ours, as energy and oil and what this Earth produces as something that is ours to obtain and use. We do not own the world, we only inhabit it. It is God’s Creation, and as beings created in God’s image, it is our responsibility to care for the world in that way. To find ways to live in harmony with the rest of what God created, not use what is here for our own good. The truth is that in the battle to save God’s Creation, our hearts must turn towards God, and we must be transformed to a new way of living.


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