Posted by: jblevins | June 26, 2008

Great Green Congregations

In May, the call went out for stories to be submitted of what local congregations were doing across the country to protect God’s Creation. The response included more than 50 submissions, covering a wide spectrum of activities including Children’s Ministry, Green Building, Food and Faith, Energy Conservation, Alternative Transportation, Recycling, Environmental Justice, and Comprehensive Program, with the winner of each category receiving a $500 grant to continue their work. To view a collection of the stories submitted, click here.

The winners are listed below

  • Children’s Ministry: Manassas Church of the Brethren, Manassas VA, for their Jr. BUGS program. Click here to view their story.
  • Green Building: St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, CA, for being named the Audubon Society’s “Greenest in the nation”. Click here to view their story.
  • Food and Faith: Madison Christian Community, in Madison, WI, for restorative justice gardening project. Click here to view their story.
  • Energy Conservation: First Grace United Methodist, in New Orleans, LA, for their efforts to conserve energy while rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Click here to view their story.
  • Alternative Transportation: Kern Road Mennonite Church in South Bend, IL, for beginning the tradition of biking to church. Click here to view their story.
  • Recycling: Wesley United Methodist Church, Yakima, WA, which through community recycling efforts has kept 5 million pounds of trash out of local landfills. Click here to view their story.
  • Environmental Justice: All Peoples Church, Milwaukee, WI, reclaiming a garden in an urban community and providing fresh, healthy food to the people there. Click here to view their story.
  • Comprehensive Program: Maryland Presbyterian Church, naming environmental stewardship as a top priority, and taking steps such as reclaiming the wooded area around the church. Click here to view their story.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks so much to all of you who submitted stories for the contest, and keep filling us in on what you are doing in your congregations to better protect God’s Creation! Click here to send us an email and fill us in.

To view a map and see what congregations in your part of the country are already doing, click here.



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