Posted by: jblevins | July 11, 2008

Things Happening in Arizona

I just got back from a trip to Phoenix, AZ, where in conjunction with the Arizona Ecumenical Council, there was a listening session with local church leaders on issues of wilderness, public lands, and general eco-justice. What was amazing right off the bat was that there was enough interest in these topics to get 15 people to come out at 2 o’clock on a hot Tuesday afternoon. Also amazing was the diversity of folks we had there. Young and old, pastor and lay, and Christians from Catholics, to Presbyterians, to the UCC, to the UMC, to someone from the New Hope Convenant Church in Phoenix.

And then there were the actions being taken by these people of faith. I heard stories of homemade shopping bags, energy audits, changing of light bulbs, community markets, and hikes in the desert. And such a desire to do more. I am still working on collecting all the stories I heard at 1st Presbyterian Church in Sun City, AZ – and once I have, they will be shared. The actions being taken are a true witness to faith, and the mountains it can move in that witness.


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