Posted by: leastin | July 22, 2008

U.S Mexico Border Fence

Almost everyone by now has heard about the building of a border fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. However, not near as many have heard about the adverse effects it is creating. Through a provision in the REAL ID ACT of 2005, congress gave the Department of Homeland Security the authority to bypass over 30 environmental laws, because they laws stood in the way of the continued construction of the border fence.

This fence has created so many more problems that it is fixing, already. The main goal of the fence, as I understand it, is to strengthen the nations security, but should the wildlife near the border have to pay for something they are not even apart of. This border fence is being built right smack dab in the middle of many animals’ habitat. So much of the wildlife near the border migrate back and forth, from the U.S. to Mexico, on a daily basis for food, water, and especially during mating season. This fence will dramatically affect those specific animals and the way they live, and it already has.

Our God created this earth so that we may have somewhere to live, something to live from. We are to be caretakers of this world, caring for nature and all the inhabitants on it, including all wildlife. We need stop and think about what we are doing. Instead of just focusing on what is best for us, as humans, we need to think about all of our animal brothers and sisters that are being negatively affected by our actions.

The border fence also runs through numerous conservation areas that are being damaged and or destroyed in the process. We need to think about how our earth is affected first before we begin to manipulate and change it on a whim. Without our earth, where would we be? That is just the thing, we wouldn’t be, we would no longer exist. Caring for our earth has to be the top priority, because without it, we have nothing.



  1. Thank you, leastin, for bringing up this important, and widely overlooked, issue. It is truly shameful, the way we are destroying our wild places, and driving away the wild creatures, all because we hate and fear our fellow human beings. I have heard that completion of the fence will likely result in the extinction of several species of wildlife in this country, that building a wall in the Rio Grande valley could have disastrous consequences in the event of a hurricane, and that the concerns of American Indian tribes, (several of whom have members on both sides of the border), are largely being dismissed. I don’t lightly advocate civil disobedience, but I think it is certainly justified in this case. Since we have been deprived of the appropriate legal remedies, what else can we do?

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