Posted by: Fritz | August 25, 2008

Eating local saves the planet

Last night I was privileged to witness a group at Covenant Community Church in Louisville, KY make covenant with each other. This group, or IC (Intentional Community) is called Just Food and Faith.

They made several commitments to one another in the context of their inward, outward and communal journeys. Each of these covenants revolves around issues of food and faith. The first one reads “Do you covenant to explore the connection between faith, food, and justice and intentionally live in ways that promote food that is good for our bodies, communities and the Earth?”

They’ve also covenanted to be informed and involved in political and social action related to food issues.

Eating local food that is in season is one of many practical ways we can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So much energy is expended bringing food across the country and across the world to our tables. If we can cut down on that just a bit, or better yet, a great deal, we can combat global climate change and help to make the Earth a better place for all of Creation.

Check out the service and the covenants at this web gallery. (You’ll also see the church’s pastor reading scripture off his iphone!)



  1. Wow Fritz. Thanks for featuring us. Didn’t even realize you were taking pictures.

    Are you still interested in being an honorary member of our IC?

  2. […] ran across this blog entry called “eating local saves the planet“. It sounds good to me. I understand the logic. My fast food costs tons of extra pollution in […]

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