Posted by: tedgar110 | August 25, 2008

Following the UN to Ghana

As some folks may know, this round of UN climate negotiations is currently taking place in Accra, Ghana. Me and a couple of my colleagues have had the privilege of not only attending this conference but were able to bring some of our brothers and sisters from around Africa to join us in this adventure.

Our trip has been marvelous and eye opening to say the least. From hearing about farmers in Uganda who are having to deal with seasonal rains that have been delayed for more than 2 weeks to various conversations with UN delegates about how they are addressing climate change and what they think the future holds, this has been quite the experience.

Many of our African colleagues have been commenting on the fact that climate chamge is happening now and yet it seems that the UN negotiations don’t understand the urgency and importance of this moral issue. Its not just an academic experience that should be talked about but a crisis that is taking people’s lives every day and requires serious action.

We will be leaving Ghana shortly to head back to the US but I know that this is only the beginning of a unique and powerful partnership with our friends in Africa as we work for Justice for God’s people and seek to be good stewards of God’s creation.


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