Posted by: jblevins | August 29, 2008

Tending the Garden

You could certainly argue that just about every environmental issue comes back to the issue of biodiversity – the balance of life on this planet. This is at the heart of the climate change issue. Its impacts are felt on our public lands. And endangered species have been affected by the Border Fence. God created this world in a balance that we are destroying more and more everyday. As people of faith, there exists a call to remember our role of stewards of this Creation, images of God on this Earth, and to call the rest of society to another way of living.

October 4th is known throughout the Christian community as St. Francis DaySt. Francis, the patron saint of, among other things, animals, birds, and the environment, is often remembered through a service of Blessing the Animals. Click here to check out a background resource and worship guide for holding one of these services, and click here to tell us if you are!

Also, top further engage your congregation in the concepts and issues of biodiversity, we are happy to announce a new worship and education resource, Tending the Garden. Click here to email us and reserve your copy, or check back on our website for a PDF version.  It should be ready to go in the next 2 weeks.

Theologian Leonardo Boff writes, in an essay titled Earth Principle from January,

Since we have irresponsibly destroyed, now we must urgently regenerate. The salvation of the Earth will not come from heaven. It will be the fruit of a new co-responsibility and of renewed care by the whole human family.

Given this new situation, the Earth has in fact become the obscure and principal object of human love and care. It is not the physical center of the universe as ancient people thought, but it has become of late the affective center of humanity. We only have this planet. From here we gaze out at the whole universe. Here we work, we love, we cry, we hope, we dream, and we venerate. Starting from the Earth, we make the great voyage to the great beyond.

We are slowly discovering the supreme importance of securing the survival of planet Earth and guaranteeing the ecological and spiritual conditions for the fulfillment of the human species and perpetuation of the community of life.

Because we are Earth, for us there will be no heaven, without Earth.


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