Posted by: jblevins | September 3, 2008

The Future

Isn’t that a lovely title for a blog post? I could now make this about whatever I want.  But, I promise I have a point.  Two of them actually. My first thought for this post was a meeting in DC I attended last week. It was the second meeting of a Renewable Energy Task Group, working specifically at what a renewable energy policy will look like on our public lands.  This is about the future in so many ways – as renewable energy, in some way, shape, and form, is certainly the way of our energy future.  Especially if we have any intention of living in right relationship with God’s Creation.

But what really struck me was how its presence would impact the future of the way we structure our program. Tyler Edgar, the Assistant Director of our Climate and Energy Campaign, actually attended the first meeting of this group, and it has really made the interconnectedness of all our campaigns and programs really hit home. The holistic nature of the creation God made demands it. We can’t do public lands work without considering the need to develop a renewable energy future. And that future can’t be developed without taking into account its impact on the vital ecosystems those lands are preserving. Finally, speaking of the future…

…that is about the best I have for a transition to this one. This week we are launching a website that really sums up what all this work is all about. Tending the Garden is a website that focuses on being a resource for youth groups in churches and communities, and getting them involved in the work of taking care of this world. It is what we are working to develop and maintain this holistic world for, and perhaps the most vital part of that is reminding the next generation why it is important. This is a resource site – where you can post ideas for projects, bible studies, or just share stories. Check it out, and get your youth group involved.

So, really, its all about the future. From what we do in DC, trying to create a sustainable energy future, balanced with the world around it, and then passing along the values of that world to the next generation through our churches. See how nicely that all came together?


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