Posted by: Fritz | September 5, 2008

Gustav evacuees

By last Saturday over 1300 Gustave evacuees (or climate refugees) had arrived in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. As many 3,000 were expected before the storm hit. A Courier-Journal article detailed their experiences at the Ky Fairgrounds. One person said the worst part was not knowing what they would be returning to after the storm passed. My wife met some on the bus home from work.

The US seems to have learned much from its experience three years ago with Katrina. That is a good thing, for with three more tropical storms out there right now there’s a good chance our brothers and sisters on the coasts will need our help again this hurricane season.

We all will continue to need each others help in the years to come. As the Earth continues to warm we know we can expect an increase in both the frequency and intensity of hurricanes and other severe weather events.

The presence of climate refugees in our midst puts a very personal face on the impacts of climate change. As we meet the needs of those who have had to flee their homes may we remind ourselves that we also need to address our lifestyle choices regarding energy as well as work for more sustainable energy policies in the US and beyond.



  1. […] read an interesting post over at the NCC Blog. It was about Gustav evacuees, and it called them “climate refugees”. I found this term […]

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