Posted by: jblevins | September 16, 2008

Act NOW to Prevent More Drilling!

With less than 2 weeks left in this year’s congressional session, both the House and the Senate are hoping against hope that we can drill our way out of our energy problems. Today’s vote neglects to address the growing need for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Instead, legislators are calling for more oil drilling in the outer continental shelf, which not only will not solve the energy crisis but impacts a sensitive and diverse part of God’s oceans. More drilling would only further degrade God’s land, waters, and ecosystems and would do little to lower gas prices (reducing the cost by a few pennies over the next 10 years) or reduce our dependence on foreign energy.

Instead of increasing our dependence on oil, which is a finite resource and would take years to reach the pump, we must turn to smart energy solutions such as energy conservation and efficiency and shift toward renewable energy resources. By investing in these real energy solutions, we can protect God’s creation and build a new and sustainable energy future that works for God’s people and God’s planet.

Click here to send an email to your congressional member and ask them to protect God’s creation and vote against drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf. We need your help to ensure that God’s creation is protected for future generations.


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