Posted by: Drew Sutton | September 24, 2008

A beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day in Washington, DC.  As I sit outside with a cool breeze reminding me that fall has begun, I’m thankful that I get to enjoy this weather.  For one reason I’m from Louisiana where its currently humid and 86.  Normally in Louisiana we get only about 2 real weeks of fall weather and so being here in DC where I can really enjoy a season of fall I definitely take notice of how awesome a day such as this is.

But today there is also an alarming factor that I take notice of as well.  Not only does today mark the 2nd day of fall, Monday being the fall equinox, and the beginning of the last quarter of the year 2008, but we also reach a frightening benchmark surpassed yesterday.  Tuesday, September 23, 2008 according to the Global Footprint Network, we entered ecological debt.

Each year the earth can supply only a certain amount of yield.  We, the human race, are able to use this yield to fulfill our basic needs and provide for one another.  Until 1986, the world sustained itself with no problem.  However, since that year, we humans have been using far more than the Earth can provide.

This year the date is the earliest is has ever been.  Yesterday, September 23rd human kind used up all the resources the earth could provide for the year 2008.  We are in ecological debt.  From today till the end of the year, our world’s resources will continue to be depleted.  Topsoil will continue to be abused by farmers trying to produce more food to meet the worldwide demand.  Deforestation will continue to rid the land of natural resources to make space for crops.  The prices of food will continue to rise and the impoverished areas of the world will continue to experience the affects of the ecological debt that we all are contributing to.

This presents for us several questions to ask.  Now that we are in debt how do we get out of debt?  What are methods we as individuals, we as communities can begin to shift this trend that continues to grow worse and worse each year?  How can we look at the life styles we live and ask how am I contributing to the ecological depletion of the world?  How are we participating in systems that contribute to the poor and suffering around the world due to the squeeze we placed on the earth’s resources?

The truth is many of us have probably asked these questions and are continually asking these questions of the lives we live.  How can we continue to not only to raise awareness of the problems but also offer people an alternative?  An alternative life that says God desires to be in right relationship with us and as we continually abuse God’s Creation we grow farther and farther away from that right relationship which God longs.

To get more information about ecological debt and how this date was established go to


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