Posted by: jblevins | October 12, 2008

Changing the Way We Think in Tough Times

For anyone who has been watching the news lately, it certainly hasn’t been enjoyable. The stock market last week continued one of its greatest falls in history, stoking worries about people’s retirement and the standard of living so many of us have become used to.

However, it should also call into question for us whether that standard of living to which we have become accustomed is sustainable, and is a way of being in relationship with the rest of God’s Creation. To me, one of the most disturbing headlines of the week comes from the AP, which posted the headline “Efforts on Global Warming Chilled by Economic Woes”. Really? To me, what this financial crisis calls for is an overall reassesment of the way we have been living – and it presents us the opportunity to fundamentally change the way we have been living, and bring ourselves into better relationship with Creation around us.

When times are good, it can be awfully hard to encourage people to question the way we have been living. But now, we have the chance to focus our efforts on shifting the way we live to be more sustainable. The greediness and excessiveness so many of us have become used to, myself included, have certainly helped in bringing the crisis we now find ourselves in to be.  And the church has a message to share to create a better, more sustainable world into being.

It means changing the way we do energy, and pushing ourselves towards a more sustainable energy future. Check out our climate and green building pages for ways you can do this in your home, church, and community. It means living in ways that support God’s Creation – protecting lands, increasing the environmental health of all, protecting endangered species, and more. And perhaps most importantly, teaching the next generation of people that this is the way to live. Check out our new youth group website to get involved in doing that.

The reality is that the headlines that have caused so much heartache this week should instead be viewed as an opportunity for the church. Today the resounding message of sustainable living, an alternative to the greed that has brought us to where we are, is needed more than ever. It is time for the church to step up.



  1. I just want to tell all of you that there is a God you can have a relationship with, to become born-again so you will have all the true answers to all the questions you have about life. The times are short, not because of some environmental crisis, but because Jesus is coming back to bring the world to Him. The Bible, which is God’s Word is totally and completely true. He created us, as the Declaration of Independence says, and wants to have a relationship with us. But you have to ask Him. All your religion will not do you any good if you are not born-again. We are supposed to take care of nature, as the Bible says, not make it equal to man. John 3:3, “you must be born-again to see the Kingdom of God.” So PLEASE PLEASE check out the Bible instead of man’s ideas PLEASE

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