Posted by: mcgurker | November 5, 2008

We’ve Only Just Begun: A Post Election Call to Action

What seemed like the longest campaign season in our nation’s history is finally over, but our work as citizens and as people of faith seeking justice for God’s people and God’s planet is only just beginning.   Last night both of the presidential candidates called us to action. In his concession speech, Senator McCain urged us to work together to “leave our children and grandchildren a stronger, better country than we inherited.”  President-elect Obama challenged us to “summon a new spirit of patriotism of service and responsibility” asking us to “look out not only for ourselves, but each other.”  Their calls to us are not new.  Rather, they serve as a reminder of the kind of life Christ calls us to live as followers of God.  Our actions must reflect a love for our neighbor, (Matthew 22:39) wherever they may live, and concern for all of Creation and future generations who are part of God’s covenant (Genesis 9: 8-10).  Click here to view the full transcript of Senator McCain’s Remarks.  Click here to view the full transcript of President-elect Obama’s victory speech. 

President-elect Obama is right.  The planet is in peril, as are those living in poverty who will suffer the most from the effects of climate change.  While his recognition of our global environmental challenges is a source of great hope, we should not assume that our work is done. We must ensure that passing just climate legislation, legislation that makes the appropriate connections between climate change and poverty, is a priority for our newly elected leaders. Click here to sign a letter to President-elect Obama to let him know that effective climate legislation must require implementing the emissions reductions necessary to protect and preserve God’s creation, while incorporating financial assistance to low income Americans to help them meet rising energy costs and providing for international adaptation assistance to our brothers and sisters who are living in poverty throughout the world.  Click here to read the full text of the letter. If you need to find out more about the connections between climate change and poverty, check out our Climate and Poverty Earth Day Sunday Resource.

Last night’s election proved that we as a nation are hungry for change.   This change must not be limited to Washington or the White House, but must permeate every house in every city in the United States of America.  We must commit to ourselves to living as responsible stewards of God’s Creation, reducing our individual carbon emissions and changing our lifestyles to reflect our commitment to the calling of our faith. 

* For ideas on how to reduce carbon emissions in your home, congregation and/or youth group, to access a carbon reduction calculator to help monitor your progress, and to find out what other people of faith are doing  look for the launch of a Carbon Reduction Campaign on our website within the next few weeks!


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