Posted by: jblevins | November 9, 2008

Building A Movement in Denver

This weekend myself and Tyler are in Denver, Colorado, for a conference called “New Fire”. Sponsored by a coalition of young adult groups, the idea is to get leaders in the various disparate parts of the young adult ecumenical community around the same table and sharing resources.

The passion around these tables is incredible. Although we have only had one day of meetings, the excitement is palpable. It reminds me, in a lot of ways, of the excitement young adults showed in getting engaged in the recent Presidential Campaign. I have no doubt now that people of my generation are ready to make their mark on the world around us. Now, the question is what kind of mark will it be?

People today shared why they are involved in ecumenism, and many of the answers focused on the concept of not being able to be the church to the world without first being the church together. Our statement of purpose for this group stated, “‘New Fire’…seeks top raise awareness and build working relationships between young adult leaders from these various initiatives through a shared ecumenical formation experience.” It is important that we are here together, worshiping, fellowshiping, challenging, and sharing with one another. In the same way, the Presidential election was an important showing of a new way of doing politics for a new generation.

But, as President-elect Obama stated on Tuesday night, “This victory alone is not the change we seek – it is only the chance for us to make that change”. In the same way, when we leave Denver as young adults having shared a powerful ecumenical experience, what we will have done is laid the foundation for the world we want to see. The question will be, what are we going to do with it now? There is a world calling out for change, for a new way of doing things, for a new way of living, and for an alternative that the Christian faith represents. Are we ready to make that change?


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