Posted by: Drew Sutton | December 1, 2008

Global Climate Change Summit Begins


Today begins 12 days of talks about Global Climate Change sponsored by the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  The United Nations Climate Change Conference sets the agenda for international efforts to tackle the challenge posed by climate change.”  The conference brings together leaders from 190 nations and hopes to readdress issues around the 1997 Kyoto agreement and continue seeking ways to hold countries accountable for their commitments to the agreement.

An article posted on The Christian Science Monitor this morning, reflected on the hope for this summit in Poland.  Peter N. Spotts, author of the article, introduces the purpose of the conference but also sets the political scene for President-Elect Barack Obama as he enters office.  Spotts speaks specifically about the possibility of climate change taking a backseat for President-Elect Obama because of the current state of the United States and Global economies.  We here at the NCC Eco Justice Program seek to keep issues of climate change a key issue for the President, legislators and for churches to address today for a better tomorrow.  People, churches and individuals can get inovloved now setting the exapmle for the President and legislators by clicking here and reading a letter that we hope people all over the country will read and endorse before we send it to President-elect Obama.  The letter challenges the Obama Administration to make climate change and Creation Care a priority as it prepares to take office.

Pass the word along about the letter.  Keep track of the issues being addressed by the Conference in Poland, and hold President-Elect Obama accountable on his climate change goals for his term in office.  There’s a lot happening as we begin to close 2008, and open 2009 but there is hope for a better tomorrow.  We must continue working together, and seek the dawning of a new day.


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