Posted by: jblevins | December 3, 2008

Advent – Hope and Expectation

This past Sunday saw many of our communions and churches welcome in the season of advent. And what a beautiful season this is – a season of hope, of love, of joy, of expectation. Of expectation and hope that God enters into our lives and this world, of the love that that entering represents, and the joy that God is still here, and still present with us.

This is a season whose time is certainly appropriate. As the economy continues to worsen, these are hard times for many, many people – both in this country and aroudn the world. But it is into just these very situations that God comes – and brings the hope and expectation of a better way of life and living – one more in relationship with our neighbors, our world around us, and with our God.

All of this extends to the work of this office. We strive to live out the hope, expectation, joy, and love that this season represents year round. The hope that there is a better way of living with our world and God’s Creation than we are currently doing.  And we invite all of you to join us in that  – especially during this season. Check out our Low Carbon 12 Days of Christmas, and sign onto our letter calling on President-Elect Obama to make climate justice a prioirty in his administration. And then, check out our resources, and get your congregations and communities involved in real and concrete ways. This is a season of hope and expectation – and of hearing and remembering our call to live into that.



  1. Mr. Blevin,

    My name is Austin Gohn. I can tell that you are very passionate about living up to the Christian’s Responsibility to take care of the earth God has given us. I was wondering if I could interview you either tonight (Dec. 3) or tomorrow (Dec. 4) for a research I am writing about Christian environmental stewardship. You have no idea how much I would appreciate it.

    Austin Gohn

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