Posted by: tedgar110 | December 6, 2008

Who knew Poland was warmer than DC?

Currently the director of the Eco0justice program is in Poznan, Poland for the UN Climate Change negotiations. There was much discussion in our office about who should go – based, primarily, on who could stand the cold weather. We are both from the South so our blood is this and not used to temperatures in the low teens.

However, its currently warmer in Poland than it is in DC and there is even rumor of snow flurries in Washington while the forecast in Poland is clear and crisp.

I won’t launch into how this is most likely tied to global climate change but it is worth noting all the fun that she is having in Poland. With more than 200 delegates from countries around the world and thousands of non-profits, intergovernmental organizations and observers attending this meeting, the leading minds from around the world are gathered to address the moral issue of our time.

Though there are hundreds of components and issues that are being discussed in an effort to reach international consensus on reaching a climate pact, the faith community has identified a few key areas to focus on. In particular, the NCC in conjunction with the World Council of Churches and many relief and development groups are concerned with the climate impacts that are being felt in developing countries. Together, these groups are working to lift up the voice of the most vulnerable among us and ensure that their needs are being accounted for in the global debate while ensuring their right to sustainable development in the future.

At a recent gathering of the World Council of Churches, clergy from the Pacific Islands noted that they “will lose their territory to the rising sea level in the foreseeable future, explained what it means to know that not only will his people become refugees but that the place they call home will disappear under the rising waters. ”

It bears the question, how will displaced and affected communities address the economic development needs of their people as they are forced to move their country and communities to a new home?

In working to protect those who are least responsible for climate change but suffering the most from its impacts, we must work together to ensure that we are providing a just and sustainable future for developing countries and communities. It is vital that the church engage at every level to seek justice for all and stewardship of God’s creation. Our work in Poland and over the coming months will be vital to ensure a successful climate pact is developed for the coming years. But next time, I think I should remember that climate change means there’s no knowing what the weather will be like in Poland in December


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