Posted by: jblevins | January 11, 2009

Encourage the New Congress to Protect Millions of Acres of Public Lands!

Stewardship of the lands and wild places God has entrusted to our care is both a critical part of our call to protect creation and a responsibility shared by all citizens. As the 111th Congress begins its work, we have an opportunity to protect millions of acres of this beautiful space through supporting Senate bill 22.

This need for protection is particularly true in the case of our national network of public lands, which embodies the ideals of cooperation, community, equitable sharing of Earth’s bounty, utilizing the blessings of the land for the common good, and preserving the stunning landscapes and irreplaceable wildlife entrusted to our care. If managed conscientiously, public lands help us answer God’s call to equality among people by providing shared resources that nurture our communities. In a world broken by strife and pollution, public lands offer beautiful places to heal and invigorate the soul, which can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life for generations to come. They also help to sustain the glorious web of creation by providing habitat for wildlife and protecting God’s dynamic natural systems, such as watersheds and migration routes.

Senate bill 22 provides a unique opportunity to take action to protect more lands for the good of God’s Creation. From giving congressional authorization to the National Landscape Conservation System, to protecting some of the finest scenic views, wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreational opportunities in the Wyoming Range, to establishing new wilderness areas in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, this legislation provides American’s across the country with new opportunities to experience the beauty of God’s Creation, and new places to which they can journey to experience the presence of the Holy.

Click here to encourage your Senators to support S. 22, and protect millions of acres of God’s Creation for generations to come.



  1. Who doesn’t want to protect wilderness? But doing so in 1,300 pages that combines 160 different bills is silly. $151 million for Smithsonion lab space in Maryland and Panama. Another $100 million for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act. Money Wasted!!

  2. David, thanks so much for your comment. It is indeed a long bill, combining many different bills into one. Unfortunately, because all of these individual pieces have been held up in Congress, many for more than a year, this was the only way to move them through.

    Also, all this bill does is authorize these bills to be considered for funding. There are no appropriations of funds anywhere. It wasn’t even scored by the Congressional Budget Office. The economy is certainly also a concern, but we shouldn’t let that keep us from protecting these vital pieces of God’s Creation.

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