Posted by: tedgar110 | February 3, 2009

What do ecojustice and the economic recovery package have in common?

No this is not a trick question but it certainly is a tricky one and one that we in the ecojustice program have been discussing. Though most of the compnents in the economic recovery package do not pertain directly to issues that we work on in the ecojsutice program, there are a number of components that will do a great deal to make God’s world a greener and more just society.

Included in the economic recovery package are the following items:

– weatherization assistance for low income households which would allow them to reduce their energy use and most importantly their energy bills

– tax creadits for renewable energy production including wind and solar power

– financial support for the green jobs program which would train our workforce to build wind turbines, make buildings more efficient, and build new types of energy efficient products

– provide funding for mass transit systems around the country

There are hundreds of other items included in this package but hidden in the thousands of pages are a number of programs and opportunities for the US to move toward a greener and more efficient economy – one that supports renewable energy as well as our local economies and families who are struggling to make ends meet (by providing them with new jobs).

Regardless what you think about the economic recovery package as a whole, its good to know that our elected officials are working to make changes to the way things work here in the US, recognizing the growing demand for renewable and clean energy and the fact that we need to change the way we do things, with a focus on what makes the most sense for our families and communities.


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