Posted by: jblevins | February 4, 2009

Seems like Deja Vu…

It seems, quite frankly, like I just wrote this post a couple of weeks ago. Remove Senate, insert House! Due in part to all of your support, the Public Land Management Omnibus passed the Senate in mid-January, 73-21.  The faith community contacted their Senators more than 900 times, expressing how important protecting the wild areas of God’s Creation we have left is.

landhome_clip_image002Now, it is the House of Representatives turn. Next week, the House will consider the same bill, and hopefully make this protection final.  Places like the Wyoming Range, the Monogahela National Forest in West Virgina, and the nationwide National Landscape Conservation System provide havens where people of faith experience God in full and real ways. They are also vital eco-systems supporting all of God’s Creation.

It is key that your member of Congress know that this is a vital issue for people of faith. Click here and let your Representative know that protection of the wild parts of this country is a matter of faith for you.

Also, for more information on our Public Lands and Wilderness Program, click here. To download wilderness resources, click here.



  1. I feel sure that the 900 comments from the faithful had an impact on the Senate. It will likely reqire more for the House, knowing their record. Tehno-activism is the single, least time-consuming, most worthwhile, highly effective way that citizens can exercise their citizenship in a positive way. I encourage all to go to often, and keep up with all of the issues that are of particular concern to you, then always follow through with messages to your representatives in Congress. I’m convinced they listen. Peace be with you.

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