Posted by: Chloe Schwabe | March 6, 2009

Another step forward in protecting children from BPA

Remember those posts I did last year about BPA (bisphenol-a)? You know, that chemical in baby bottles, metal cans, the 5 gallon water coolers and some drink containers?Its associated with health effects in animal tests ranging from obesity and type II diabetes, heart disease, breast and prostate cancers among other things.

Demonstration to ban BPA in Olympia, Washington with Earth Ministry and others.

Demonstration to ban BPA in Olympia, Washington with Earth Ministry and others. This led to a ban in the State House later that day.

In the last few days around the country efforts to addressed this chemical have been successful. Starting in Suffolk County, New York (just outside New York City) the country’s first BPA ban successfully passed in the county council with a unanimous vote.

Perhaps the bigger news came yesterday when the nation’s six leading baby bottle manufacturers agreed to stop manufacturing baby bottles with the chemical. This came under the pressure of a letter from the attorneys general in Connecticut and New Jersey asking the major bottle manufacturers to stop using the chemical.

Yesterday, Washington State also passed a BPA ban through its House of Representatives. The vote was 76-21. It will soon be on to the state Senate. Our partner organization, Earth Ministry was present with a large baby bottle and with other concerned constituents to lift up the concerns for children’s health. Up top is a photo from their faithful witness at the State Capitol.

Big strides were made thanks to the faithful witness of so many across the country concerned for the most vulnerable members of our society. There is still more work to be done but it  was certainly a week to celebrate the power of the prophetic voice for justice.

For ways to learn how you and your church can prevent exposure to toxic chemicals, download our new Mindful Living Gathering Guide.


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