Posted by: revladyem | April 1, 2009

Just Another Path on the Journey

As I walk past the Capital on my right and the Supreme Court and Library of Congress on my left I am inspired by what has transpired here in the District for all these years.  Just think, I have been able to play a role in it at the grassroots level.  All of my working career was spent fighting for the civil, human, and working rights of others and training them to be resourceful in their respective positions.  As a minister, I am concerned for the rights of others, encouraging them to be mindful of their position in ‘one anothering,’ to care for one another as a body of believers.


Now, here I am, God has brought me to a place where the fight continues at a decisive stride.  Here research abounds for the best plan of moving God’s agenda forward as it relates to all creation.  While wondering and marveling at all that goes on in the “church box,” I have strained to find my voice.  In Genesis, God blessed us with the responsibility as stewards of Creation.  Yes, it is a blessing, on the other hand, that is a major responsibility!  It has been called humankinds’ first job description.  Talk about failing on the job.  We have missed opportunity after opportunity to care for creation.  So what do we do now?  Do we continue as we have, waiting for someone else? Or for another generation to fix our mess ups? Do we pass it off to the future?  We can not afford not to heed our stewardship mandate.


Somewhere in the realization and contemplation of my share of the dropped responsibility of stewardship, I found my voice- in the stewardship of biodiversity and endangered species.  Biodiversity is the measure of the health of our ecosystems.  There are three main components – genetic level biodiversity, species richness, and ecosystem biodiversity.  Ecosystems are communities of interacting organisms and the physical environment in which they live.  When the balance is disrupted, the system suffers.  So where does that leave me?  I have a great concern for the species that are fast becoming ‘endangered,’ due to our disruption of their ecosystem.  While there are quite a few animals, fish, and birds that are in danger of becoming extinct, my present passion is for the Monarch Butterfly.  Well that is enough for now.   Type to you later.



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