Posted by: Chloe Schwabe | May 8, 2009

Delivering justice for God’s children one state at a time

baby-bottle-i-stockFor over a year now I have been posting updates on the failure of the FDA to protect children from bisphenol-a, a chemical found in baby bottles. The chemical is linked to early puberty in girls, cancer, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular disease among other conditions. Tired of waiting for the federal government to act, states and municipalities have taken it upon themselves to act.

Just today, with Governor Pawlenty’s signature, Minnesota became the first state to sign into legislation a bill to phase out BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. This is a huge victory towards protecting children’s health in Minnesota. Our partner organization, the Minnesota Council of Churches educated congregations in the state about the harmful effects of this chemical and testified on the moral imperative to protect children from toxic chemicals.

Overall, this year over 20 states or municipalities are considering actions to phase out BPA. With such public outcry and groundswell of resistance one would hope that the FDA and Congress would take notice and protect all children across the nation in the most vulnerable years of their lives.

Additionally, Minnesota became the fourth state to sign legislation that would begin to repair the broken chemical regulatory system. The Toxic Free Kids Act will allow the state to put together a list of chemicals of high concern and identify a priority list of chemicals for the State to address that science has demonstrated  could cause harm to children.

These are important steps forward in protecting children’s health and God’s Creation from toxic chemical exposures.


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