Posted by: revladyem | May 29, 2009

The Marvel of Creation

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it; for he has founded it on the seas, and established it on the rivers” (Ps. 24:1,2 NRSV). The Psalmist sings of the wholeness of everything on the earth as belonging to God. We marvel at the majesty of God’s work from the heavens to everything on land and in the seas. That ‘marvel’ is to wonder in astonishment! We are to be blown away at everything that God has created, including how it all works in perfect harmony, if we allow it to do so. We can get excited that in God’s plan there is sustainability. After all, look how long Creation has been here. We are the ones passing through. In our ‘passing through’, we too make a mark in this great plan. What does that mark look like? Is our marvel at Creation evidenced by our mark on Creation? How do we care for all God’s species? How do we wonder in awe at God’s work? If we indeed marvel at all that God has done, then we must consider our fair share in caring for the environment.

Tiring of the pity party thrown by Job’s friends, God speaks (Job 38-41) and addresses what we cannot fathom. Life takes on a different perspective. While none of us have experienced the devastating hurt as Job, we have all experienced hurt in some form. Our hurt, our pain is relative so we may not be able to imagine the hurt, the loss, the pain that Job felt. But we know hurt. In a similar way, we simply cannot know the depth of God’s love for all of Creation. Just like Job, we too have no answer for the complexity of Creation; yet we do have a responsibility to care for Creation. We must join the celebration of life by caring for an environment that cries out for help. All of Creation brings honor to God by celebrating what God has done. We too must get in on the celebration by supporting what God has done. Let us grow into caring about what God cares about. If God cares for all of Creation, then how can we pick and choose what to care for in Creation? If everything that God has created brings honor, then are we humans the ones out of order? How many chances have we missed to celebrate the glory of God’s majesty? Can we celebrate while others suffer? Our strategy should be to love and care for communities that suffer health, social, economic, and ecological pain.

Our commission is to proclaim the good news to all Creation (Mark 16:15). The translated Greek does not say to ‘all people’ but to ‘all Creation’. We proclaim the good news not only by word but through deeds of loving one another as Jesus has commanded. The good news of the gospel is still good, yet our proclamation of that good news is not being heard far and wide enough. In the African spirit of Mbutu, “I am because we are,” we suffer because there are still those suffering. We can celebrate with Creation when it celebrates. Today, take a chance, find a new way, turn a new page, speak a new word, think a new thought – celebrate Creation! Discover ways to help species that are endangered, talk it up with others. Find your voice in helping the disenfranchised, be they human or animal. Care for something or someone outside your normal scope. Love all that God has created, and let that love permeate the air. Life itself will be blessed by your effort and you will be blessed in turn.


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