Posted by: Chloe Schwabe | September 1, 2009

The UCC calls for justice for victims of toxic waste and racism

Harry and Shelia Holt

Harry and Shelia Holt

In 2007, the United Church of Christ commissioned a report entitled Toxic Waste at 20, a follow up to their ground breaking Toxic Waste and Race report from 1987. The 2007 report highlighted a story about the Holt Family in Dickson, TN whose ground water was contaminated with a chemical called TCE. Many family members today suffer from cancer and other diseases associated with TCE.

Their story depicts how two communities, one white and one black, living next to each other received different treatment once the local government realized that the ground water was contaminated. For the last six years, Sheila Holt-Orsted has been fighting to have the Dickson County Landfill cleaned up and closed down.

The United Church of Christ is asking people of faith to do two things in solidarity with the Holt Family and other families living near the Dickson County Landfill.

1. Come down to Dickson (35 miles from Nashville) on September 5th for a rally in support of these communities and to call on the EPA to clean up the landfill.

2. Send a letter to the EPA Administrator Jackson asking for the clean up and closing of the landfill and the implementation of the Environmental Justice Executive  Order 12898 that President Clinton ordered in 1999.

Visit this link at the UCC website to send a letter and to learn more.


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