Posted by: mcgurker | October 1, 2009

Climate Action Week: The World Speaks Out.

Last week was climate action week, a global campaign to empower people from around the world to push world leaders to respond to the challenge of climate change. On September 21st, over 2,600 events in 134 countries were organized around the theme a “global wakeup call.” Participants called their leaders asking them to take action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. Here in the U.S., over 1600 people participated in the kick off to the global wake-up call, which occurred in Central Park in New York on Sunday, and throughout the week, people of faith called their senators and added their voice to the call for justice for God’s people and God’s Creation.

In addition, People of faith are encouraging President Obama to attend the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations this December by participating in the Countdown to Copenhagen Campaign. Over 50 congregations from around the country are hosting post card drives, sending thousands of post cards asking President Obama to personally attend the meetings, and making a commitment to take personal action to reduce their climate emissions. You can join them and sign the postcard on line. Click here. Last week, a chorus of voices lifted the moral concern of climate change to world leaders. But, our work is not yet done. On October, 11th people of faith can contemplate the issue of climate change as it impacts God’s Children and celebrate the many wonderful ways in which children connect to the natural world around them. Click here to download worship resources.

Click here to watch a powerful video connecting climate change and human rights.



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