Posted by: Drew Sutton | November 12, 2009

Immigration, Eco-Justice, and EAD

In preparing for Ecumenical Advocacy Days, I’ve been thinking about the connection between Eco-Justice and Immigration.  And as I was traveling recently I picked up a magazine I’d never read before and found an article that embodied the tension between these issues of environmental justice and of immigration.

The article from WEND Magazine, explored the journey of photographers from the International League of Conservation Photographers.  Apart of a program called Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition, RAVE, the photographers descended upon the border between Mexico and the US to document the issues being created with regards to the 2000 mile barrier.  The group explored a number of issues from human and animal migration, to the degradation of natural resources.  Their findings not only documented in the magazine article have been turned into a traveling exhibit to raise awareness and influence the politically minded to address the issues they’ve documented.  The exhibit is currently in the Washington, DC in the Russell Senate Office Building Rotunda in hopes that legislators will see the issues of the Mexico Border in a different light.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend you stop by the Russell Rotunda and take a look at the images.  Here is an video highlighting the exhibit. Also give a look at the article on the website for RAVE.  If you are interested in eco-justice issues or immigration, you can see how both these issues can be deeply connected.

If you want to get involved more in both these issues, mark your calendars for March 19-22 for Ecumenical Advocacy Days.  Ecumenical Advocacy Days is a conference for people of faith to come together to learn about justice issues local and global.  Through different levels of education, we learn better tools to communicate and advocate for change in the midst of injustice.  This year the major issue will focus our attention on immigration as we hear first hand stories of people struggling in the midst of immigration.   We will hear stories of struggles with the Mexican Border , stories of how changing climate are requiring people to migrate from their native lands, stories of how immigration reform is desperately needed, along with many others.

The focus for Ecumenical Advocacy days is not the only issue to be discussed during the weekend conference.  If you are working in the midst of other justice issues, this is the conference for you to attend.  Check out the EAD Website to learn about the other issues that we will have workshops during the weekend.   Over the next couple of weeks you will see more and more information concerning the conference becoming available.


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