Posted by: tylere108 | December 10, 2009

Live from Copenhagen: Day 4 at the Climate Negotiations

Its December 10th – 15 days until Christmas, 22 days until the new year but more importantly, the 4th day of the UN climate negotiations here in Copenhagen.

I will be blogging a bit from Copenhagen to give folks at home a sense of what is happening, what the US is doing, and how the global community is working to address global climate change.

There are more than 35,000 people (that i know of) people here in Copenhagen to attend the negotiations and raise awareness about what the global community is doing. 15,000 of those people are here at the negotiations. Wandering around the Bella Center (the Conference center where most of the negotiating is taking place) you can see youth wearing t-shirts asking “how old will you be in 2050”, people of faith wearing collars and crosses, indigenous people in native clothing, and thousands upon thousands of individuals with non-governmental organizations who are here pushing for a strong climate agreement.

Yesterday alone there were two protests and a flash mob that broke out in the middle of the conference center. Both protests were demanding more from negotiators andn calling on countries to address climate change here and now. The flash mob expressed opposition to the development of the tar sands in Canada and was supported strongly but the Canadian Council of Churches and the youth that are here from Canada.

Another great event that took place last night (again, sponsored by the youth of the world) was the storming of a climate skeptic event that took place here in Copenhagen. To view the video go to:

There is a lot of energy and passion at these negotiations!

In addition to the formal negotiations, there is Hopenhaven and Kilmaforum which is the people’s negotiations. in addition, there are a whole host of faith events that will be taking place over the weekend.

In the coming days, I will provide more substance about where the negotiations are headed and how folks in the US can get involved to ensure that the US works for climate justice for all of God’s people and God’s Creation. But I thought I would use this blog to give everyone a sense of what is happening here in Copenhagen!

Please keep the negotiations and negotiators in your prayers – it is already proving to be a challenging time and the next 24 hours will prove vital to the process

Blessings from Kobenhavn




  1. Thank you for representing our faith communities in this incredibly significant gathering. I realize that the various positions on different issues can be hard to communicate but I encourage you to try. There are lots of moving parts at the conferences. Just being part of such an international gathering is challenging in itself. I have been trying to follow the proceedings through news reports and find that frustratingly unsubstantive. In contrast, I appreciate that is broadcasting from the Bella Center, devoting the time and attention that climate change intervention merits. I pray that we can shift to a planetary perspective–understanding us all to be one in being impacted by climate change– instead of our same old way of doing things.

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