Posted by: tylere108 | December 11, 2009

Live from Copenhagen: Ecumenical Weekend Begins

Its Friday morning here in Copenhagen and the first week of negotiations is coming to a close while the global ecumenical community is gearing up for a weekend of prayer, action and climate justice events.

First a wrap up of where the negotiations are headed. After an intense 5 days of conversation and discussion, the big development here in Copenhagen is the role that developing countries are playing in the negotiations. Many of the small island nations and the least developed countries are uniting to demand a concrete second agreement that will be complementary to the Kyoto Protocol. This would allow countries such as the US to engage in the new agreement while maintaining the structure created under the Kyoto Protocol.

Many of the emerging developing countries such as China, India, and South Africa do not support this and would like to find a way to develop a new potentially weaker agreement that would shift us away from the Kyoto Protocol. This disagreement has slowed the negotiations dramatically and many are hoping that it can be settled by the end of the week. Stay tuned for more information on where the negotiations are headed in the coming days and how this vital question about the next stages of the UN climate process unfold.

Just as important as the negotiations are the faith events that will be taking place this weekend. Tomorrow (Saturday) the faith community will be marching for Climate Justice. Desmond Tutu will be sending us off in the morning and then, along with thousands of other climate campaigners we will march from downtown Copenhagen out to the conference center to speak out about the importance of protecting God’s people and God’s planet.

Then on Sunday, the global collection of Countdown to Copenhagen cards will be delivered to the head of the UNFCCC and other global leaders. We in the US collected more than 20,000 postcards and contributed to the more than half a millions cards that will be delivered on Saturday. After the delivery of the cards, the US faith delegation will join hundreds of others at the ecumenical service taking place at the Copenhagen Cathedral. The Royal family of Denmark, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Liverpool will be in attendance to welcome and worship with the international faith community who are present here in Denmark.

Faith communities around the world are also speaking out about the importance of climate action. here are a few pictures from a lanterns for hope event that the faith community in India put together. 2000 lanterns were released in hopes that a climate pact can be reached here in Copenhagen.

Click here to see photos and s story on the event:

I hope that you will the time to express the importance of these climate negotiations in your own community – you don’t have to organize a march or release 2000 lanterns, but you can tell your friends about whats happening here,say a prayer at your church this Sunday for the negotiations happening in Copenhagen or write a letter to the editor on what faith communities around the world are doing to address climate change and the need for climate justice.

Whatever you do, please do something!

God’s Creation needs your help and US leaders must know that the faith community is committed to seeking climate justice.

more coming soon . . . .




  1. Tyler, thanks for you witness for reasoned care for our environment and justice for those most severely affected by climate changes. Glad you’re there.

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