Posted by: mcgurker | February 16, 2010

Murkowski’s Moving Backward on Climate Change

For years now, the international scientific community has overwhelmingly agreed that climate change is in fact happening and is human induced. Despite the assertions of those who ignore science, the recent east coast snow storms are further proof that climate change is already happening.

Nations around the world have taken action to address climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, which scientists believe will prevent the worst impacts of climate change in the future.

While the US has yet to take this type of action, we are moving in the right direction with recent international commitments to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions which should move us one step closer to protecting God’s Creation and all of God’s children.

However, Senator Murkowski of Alaska would like for the U S to take a step backward, and is threatening to undermine any attempts to seek climate justice. She  is spearheading an effort to undermine the science of climate change and deny the Environmental Protection Agency the right to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (a right the Supreme Court has upheld) based on its recent finding that greenhouse gas emissions are dangerous to human health. Now she has secured 39 co-sponsors on this resolution (which will only need 51 votes to pass the Senate.

Senators are considering sponsoring this resolution which would undermine any attempt to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in the US.  This resolution is likely to be considered in late February or early March.

We Need your Help.

We are urging people of faith to call their Senators and ask them to vote no on Senator Murkowski’s Congressional Review Act resolution. Senators are hearing from the coal industry and other corporations who would like them to support this resolution but they need to hear from their constituents.

Call your Senator’s Office:

Phone Numbers:

Capitol Switch Board- (202) 224-3121

** call the switchboard and asked to be transferred to your Senator’s office (you will need to know which Senator you want to reach)

** Here is a great page to find your Senator’s information directly:

Tell your Senators that as a person of faith, you believe is it our moral responsibility to address climate change and seek justice for all of God’s people and God’s Creation. For this reason it is vital that we reject Senator Murkowski’s attepmts to undermine climate justice through the Congressional Review Act  what a resolution that would overturn EPA’s scientific finding that climate change pollutants threaten human health and the environment. The EPA should be able to regulate greenhouse gases through the Clean Air Act which will help us prevent the worst impacts of global climate change.



  1. Good luck with your campaign to stop Senator Murkowski’s regressive move. The path towards eco-justice can sometimes seem like it’s one step forward and two steps back!

    I thought you and your readers might enjoy – and perhaps get some inspiration from – the video “350 Verses” on the theme of climate change and caring for God’s creation:

  2. Hi –

    I think I might have accidentally given you the wrong address to “350 verses”:
    try this one, and delete the other one, please!

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