Posted by: Drew Sutton | March 15, 2010

Eco-Justice Track at EAD

Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) arrives this weekend as 700 people from around the country will gather to learn, worship, and advocate from a faith perspective.  The major issue addressed this weekend will be immigration, to which many participatants will descend upon Capital Hill on Monday, March 22, in efforts to call for comprehensive immigration reform.  Click here to read the particulars of the Ask.

The Eco-Justice Track will have seven workshops that address specifically immigration as well as furthering our efforts to seek justice for all of Creation.  The workshops  are as follows

  • Journeys from the South, Responses from the North: An Eco-Theological Perspective led by Rev. Dr. Janet Parker, Pastor for Parish Life at Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ; Dr. Carlos J. Correa, Minister for Environmental Justice of the United Church of Christ and the Director of Centro Romero, a U.S.-Mexico border ministry.
  • US Mexico Borderlands: The Intersection Between Eco-Justice and Immigration led by Rev. Mari Castellanos, Public Policy Advocate with the United Church of Christ’s national office; Krista Schyler, Photographer; International League of Conservationist Photographers; Michael Degnan, Associate Washington Representative National Forests and Wildlife; Jordan Blevins, Lands and Water Program Manager and Coordinator of Poverty Initiatives and Washington Internships, NCC.
  • Climate Change: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We Are Going led by Tyler Edgar, NCC Eco-Justice Assistant Director, Climate Change and Energy
  • Mindful Living: Healthy People, Healthy Churches, Healthy Creation led by Chloe Schwabe, NCC Environmental Health Program Manager
  • Introduction to Eco-Justice Advocacy led by Drew Sutton, NCC Eco-Justice Intern
  • Stewardship of Our Sacred Spaces: Answering God’s call to Care for Creation in Our Worship Spaces led by Lizzie McGurk, NCC Eco-Justice Specialist: Climate, Engergy and Green Buildings
  • Who Owes Whom? Issues of Climate Justice, in partnership with Economic Justice Track, led by Janet Redman, Co-director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network at the Institute for Policy Studies; Njoki Njehu, the Director of Solidarity Africa Network in Action and the Daughters of Mumbai Resource Center in Kenya; Michelle Melcher Knight, Advocacy/Outreach Associate at the Colombian Center for Advocacy and Outreach of the Missionary Society of St. Colombian.

For more information on EAD click here or email Drew Sutton to get more specifics concerning the Eco-Justice Track.  Check back tomorrow for full details on each workshop


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