Posted by: mcgurker | April 5, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day With Your Congregation!

Earth Day, April 22nd is just around the corner.  This year the National Council of Churches Ecojustice program is encouraging congregations to celebrate Earth Day by being good stewards of their sacred spaces.

Download the Earth Day Sunday resource, Sacred Spaces and an Abundant Life: Worship Spaces as Stewardship.

Congregations across the country have taken steps to green their sacred spaces.   Some have reduced energy use by getting an energy audit and installing CFL’s and programmable thermostats.   Others have installed rain gardens and community gardens to conserve their congregation’s land and water,  while some have reduced the toxic materials in their worship spaces by painting with low VOC paint and using non-toxic cleaning products in their kitchen’s and bathrooms.

Click here to read their stories.

Let us know what your doing to be good stewards of your Sacred Spaces. Leave a comment or email to share your story.

Celebrate Earth Day in your  community.  If you’re in the D.C. Metro area, celebrate at the climate rally  on the national mall.

Click here to find out what’s happening in your community.


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