Posted by: tylere108 | May 18, 2010

Keeping watch over the spill in the Gulf

Photo from May 6 of oil swirling in the Gulf of Mexico

A month ago this Thursday, the Deepwater Horizon exploded and started leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The amount of oil along with the amount of information that has spilled out in the last month is overwhelming and horrifying.As a native Floridian, today’s news that tar balls are being found in the Florida Keys leads one to believe that the oil is close to entering the Gulf Stream and is truly devastating; the ways in which this spill will devastate God’s creation and our communities remains to be seen.

The faith community has developed a bulletin insert with prayers and facts for those who are interested in reflecting on the situation in the Gulf and would like to learn more.

In addition, we will continue to share updates and information with you until the spill has been contained and eventually stopped. But here are a few things that we have learned over the last couple of weeks that we thought you would be interested in:

РBP is using disperants  to break up the oil in the Gulf that are toxic when there are other, safer options at competitive prices

– despite the brown pelicans recent removal from the threatened species list, this spill may force it to be re-listed as threatened and potentially endangered

– the BP engineer urged that the Deepwater Horizon be shut down because it did not have the proper emergency systems in place

– more than 400 species of wildlife are threatened by the oil spill

– more than 46,000 square miles have been shut down to fishing in the Gulf

We will continue to provide information, prayers, updates about whats happening in the Gulf and if you would like to know more about a particularly aspect of the spill, please feel free to let us know.

Please keep the Gulf of Mexico, the spill, the Gulf Coast, and all of God’s creation in your prayers as we deal with what some are calling the worst environmental disaster of our time.


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