Posted by: tylere108 | June 3, 2010

Keeping Watch Over the Gulf – approval of a new oil well??

My apologies for the lack of posts and updates – its been hard to even process all that is happening in the Gulf and all that isn’t happening in terms of stopping the oil spill. It continues to amaze me that we don’t have the technology to stop a spill in deep water – why were we drilling there in the first place if we couldn’t deal with spills and accidents? I think this is a question we are all asking ourselves . . .

And now on top of it all, another Gulf oil well off Louisiana has been approved by the government.

The Associated Press reported last night that the Minerals Management Service granted a new permit to an oil company that would allow them to drill 50 miles of Louisiana’s coast in about 115 ft of water.

Even though we still have a ban on deep water drilling, how can the permits continue to be granted for the Gulf as we deal with the largest American spill ever????

Even if the right safety measures are in place, can we risk another spill in the Gulf of Mexico? I wonder what local fishing communities are saying about a new oil rig?

Is this really the best option for God’s Creation and communities in the Gulf Coast at this point in time?

so many questions and so few answers . . . .

The photo to the right is from May 30th and shows the oil continuing to dump into the Gulf. Many are worried that the start of Atlantic hurricane season will shift the oil slick to Florida and then up the east coast.

Maybe one of these days I will have happy news for you all!


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