Posted by: kennyt212 | June 8, 2010

Hope on the Horizon

On the surface, it appears that progress is being made surrounding the Gulf Coast oil spill.

On Friday, a containment cap was installed over the leak, which has reduced the amount of oil being released into the sea.

Earlier today, President Obama offered words of hope and optimism, saying that the oil spill will be “contained” and that people in the Gulf Coast area will get through the disaster.  While mentioning how the oil leak has substantially hurt the economy and will take “a couple months” to be resolved, Obama was confident that the past resilience of the Gulf Coast region is a sign that they will get through this crisis, too.

Obama said that he will push BP to make sure that the oil is being captured properly and effectively, and he does not want to see the company “nickel-and-diming” businesses and individuals who are impacted by the spill.

Additionally, Obama stated that while there doesn’t appear to be increased toxin levels in the air or water near the shore, it’s harder to know what the levels are closer to where the workers are located.  EPA air monitoring data appears to support this claim.  As of Saturday, air quality levels for particulates and ozone appear to be normal for this time of year.

Other updates from today include:

-An article by Peter Henning from the NY Times that sheds an optimistic light on Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.’s commitment to hold BP accountable for the oil spill.  Click here to check it out!

– Even though Federal authorities estimate that the amount of crude oil gushing into the sea is 798,000 gallons per day, BP plans to move another craft near the well to increase the amount of oil being captured by the containment cap.

-NOAA removed 500 square miles from the closed fishing area, reducing the total closed area to 78,264 square miles (32% of total federal waters in Gulf of Mexico).

That’s a good update for now!!  Stay tuned for even more hopeful and encouraging news in the future 🙂


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