Posted by: kennyt212 | June 23, 2010

Keeping Watch over the Gulf: Putting it all in Perspective

Hello again everyone!

As overwhelming and draining information on the spill might be, I’m trying to keep things fresh. Instead of just reiterating all of the recent news/events that people might already be hearing about, I’m also going to share some other interesting facts/information.  While many of these might not necessarily be “front page” headlines, I think they’re intriguing. Enjoy!

–The big news stories is that a judge has blocked Obama’s six-month offshore drilling moratorium, which is now being appealed. Check this out!

–While everyone is talking about the harmful effects of the crude oil, another hidden danger might be lurking in the water: Methane-a greenhouse gas that is much more harmful than carbon dioxide when released into the atmosphere. Check out this description of this gas from the EPA, as well as a link discussing some of its probable effects.

–With all this discussion about energy security and renewable energy sources, and with all the bad press that oil companies have been receiving, it’s interesting to note that several of these companies (such as BP) have actually invested billions of dollars in energy sources other than oil.

–Believe it or not, oil spills are not just a concern in the Gulf of Mexico, but in other areas nationally and globally. heck out these two articles highlighting how the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill can draw attention to this global concern!             ARTICLE 1 ARTICLE 2

—With all this discussion about who’s to blame, it’s clear that we’re all tied to the oil industry.

Other interesting facts:

-There have been 126 oil blowouts (worldwide), big and small, in the past 40 years, yet companies claim there’s a “1 in million” chance of them occurring.

-BP has had 760 safety violations in the past three (3) years!

-As of last week, 783 birds, 353 turtles and 41 mammals have died—numbers that pale in comparison to what happened after the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989, where 250,000 birds and 2,800 otters are believed to have died.  While these totals are surprisingly small given the size of the disaster, don’t be fooled! Researchers think that the reason for this relatively small death toll is because scientists are able to locate only a small fraction of the dead animals. Many will never be found after sinking to the bottom of the sea or getting scavenged by other marine life.

-Some scientists (as well as Tony Heyward) estimate that it might take 2-4 years for all the oil to stop leaking if no permanent solution to plug the leak is found soon!

So, I know that was a lot of information, but hopefully it helps keep the oil spill in perspective! Stay strong and thanks again for reading!!



  1. Hey, if anyone thinks the oil spill is not toxic then I invite them to bathe in crude oil and decide for themselves.
    Please do update on this research. You might dig into the coverage of BP and Enron and Chevron at

    Water—we all need it to live.

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