Posted by: kennyt212 | July 27, 2010

Keeping Watch Over the Gulf: When do we stop learning?

Hello again everyone,

I hope all is well!!

Believe it or not, it’s almost August, which means that it’s crunch time.  Before too long, Congress will be breaking for their recess, and when they do return, a lot of focus will probably be on (re-) election campaigns.  Therefore, there is bound to be a lot that happens within the next week or so in regards to legislation, especially surrounding the oil spill.

Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid recently released a statement about the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Spill Accountability Plan, something that has been talked about over the past couple of weeks.  I encourage you all to keep track of what happens over the next couple of days and pray that Congress responds appropriately.

In case you were wondering why the title of this blog was in the form of the question-well, it’s simple.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and even though I’m sure it’s a question that many of you have been asked before, I wanted to bring it up again.

Keeping track of the oil spill for the past couple of months has brought forth many different thoughts and ideas.  Like many other aspects of our lives, the situation can be a bit double-edged:  All the news can be a bit overwhelming, almost like an “information overload,” while it can also be a great learning and motivating experience.

One of the challenges with an issue like the oil spill is trying to find the balance between not getting too caught up with what’s happening, and not letting it slip away too quickly (becoming complacent).  If you’re someone like me, following the issue (or most issues in general) closely can sometimes lead to roller coaster days: full of excitement and enthusiasm one day, followed by disappointment and despair the next.  One day I can feel like I’m really into what’s happening, and another day, I can feel like I just want to forget about what’s going on.  One day I can feel like there’s a lot I can do, and another day, I can feel helpless.  Some days I can feel like it is all good, others I feel like there’s a lot to be done.

The list can go on of course, but it’s clear that there is a lot of back-and-forth stemming from this disaster.  Being a person who has been following the story from its beginning, I feel a greater sense of urgency with this issue than I do with some of the past ones.  However, it seems like, at least from a financial perspective, this same sense of urgency doesn’t appear mutual across the globe.  In fact, despite my constant reading of news stories and hearing reports of people demanding action be taken on the oil spill (e.g. protests), it seems like news about the issue is starting to fade a bit.  Granted, 100 days might seem like a long time, but, considering how connected this issue is to many other aspects of our life (i.e.: it’s more than just an “environmental disaster” ) and considering how long it will be a concern for ALL of God’s Creation, we CAN’T fall into this trap.

In short, there are actually two different answers to my above question: NEVER and NOW!  I know, a bit weird, but easy to explain.

NEVER–We cannot stop learning for as long as we live! There is so much information out there, and life is a journey, so we must keep learning and exploring.

NOW-I say NOW because it is time to put our learning behind us and to move forward! While we can’t stop learning, we can’t let learning hold us back too much.  Do we really need to know more about the oil spill to be inspired? Do we really need to keep reading (or need to keep having) news stories to remind us of the significance of this disaster? I think there’s enough information out there about the oil spill, and I think it’s been overwhelming enough of an issue to not require us to need any more motivations in moving forward in our daily lives and taking care of God’s Creation.

That is all for now.  Thanks again for following, and stay tuned!

PS.  Check out this data about the potential impacts of the spill on tourism!

PPS.  Will oil spills ever go away?


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